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LUCEO culture coaching & consulting founded by Alfhild Tveråmo, works with organizations and private people in Norway, focusing on: Culture Shock coaching for expatriates and repatriates, NLP coaching for personal development, LEAN Culture and Leadership, Change management, team development and continous improvements.




typical results

Coaching of individuals:

  • Better understanding of the Norwegian culture and how to deal with culture shock or reversed culture shock in your daily life
  • Clarify what talents, passions and dreams you have and how to fulfill them no matter where you live

  • Find or create your dream job, as well as necessary contacts and networks that can lift you up
  • Finding the balance between work and private life, including prioritisation and time management
  • Improve the health and quality of your life, and gain more energy to implement positive changes
  • Get better at cross-cultural communication and relationships both at work and in your private life

Lectures/ seminars, workshops/ courses and coaching in organisations:

It is you as a client who sits in the driver’s seat for your own development
— Alfhild Tveråmo
  • Increased organisational awareness about the effects of cultural differences and the experience of culture shock within the organisation.
  •  Improved cross-cultural communication among the managers and staff, whether they have an international background, or are Norwegians that either recently returned after working and living abroad for several years or are Norwegians that never have been exposed to other cultures in their daily life.