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LUCEO culture coaching & consulting founded by Alfhild Tveråmo, works with organizations and private people in Norway, focusing on: Culture Shock coaching for expatriates and repatriates, NLP coaching for personal development, LEAN Culture and Leadership, Change management, team development and continous improvements.




"I have received lots of positive feedback from the participants after the lecture 'Cultural differences at work'. This shows that the topic was well received by the 80 attendees, and the lecture was conveyed in a way that triggered laughter and recognition. I think it's a good investment for organisations to focus more consciously on the cultural differences and on the follow up of the international employees and the repatriated Norwegians. It takes time to adjust to a new culture, and by additional awareness about different leadership styles and behaviors, both managers and employees faster become more productive in their increasingly international environment."

Mona Rafn, Sponsorship Responsible – DNV GL (former Det Norske Veritas)


"In our kindergarten, we have many families with different nationalities. It is both exciting and challenging to work with. We chose to use LUCEO consulting to strengthen us in this work. At a staff meeting we had Alfhild who led a workshop where we delved into various issues that were relevant for the work with families. We got new important knowledge about the phases parents go through when they move to a new country. The workshop helped us use this knowledge to be even better equipped to help the children and families to even better life. The kindergarten is an important arena for integration, which makes our knowledge of what the parents are going through essential to make the work with the kids as good as possible. Alfhild had prepared well and was familiar with our curriculum, which made the content of the workshop very relevant for our daily practical work. We would warmly recommend this to other kindergartens with many parents and children with different nationalities."

 Kristin G. Haug, CEO Det Norske Veritas Barnehage


"In a period of major restructuring at work and refurbishment chaos at home, it was really helpful with the coaching from Alfhild. I got help to prioritize and 'tidy my head', as well as becoming aware of everything that I actually did get done. Before the coaching, I focused so much on everything that was not in order. Alfhild gave me some useful tools and tips on how to organize work in new ways, which I still use today. She was good at asking questions and getting me to think for myself. That made the changes feel more manageable and gave me the belief that they could actually work. I can definitely recommend coaching with Alfhild, it has helped me. "

Heidi Gommerud, Norway


"Alfhild is amazing coach! I have worked with her as a business and as a life coach. Her calm and kind attitude made me feel relaxed and supported. Her logical and goals oriented approach made me find the most proper decisions I had to take related with my new business. And she supported me in very difficult situation in my private life as well, helping me to overcome it, to stay strong, and to aware some behavior that I need to change in order to improve my relationship. I strongly recommend Alfhild as a coach!" 

Ivet Pavloa, Bulgaria


"Alfhild is a smart, efficient and effective coach. Her clear communication, powerful questioning and large array of practices really helped me make the changes in my life that I desperately needed. Working with Alfhild was an incredible experience, I would recommend her to anyone."

Michael Burnstein, USA