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LUCEO culture coaching & consulting founded by Alfhild Tveråmo, works with organizations and private people in Norway, focusing on: Culture Shock coaching for expatriates and repatriates, NLP coaching for personal development, LEAN Culture and Leadership, Change management, team development and continous improvements.





ALFHILD TVERÅMO , Certified NLP Coach, Lean Specialist & Master of Commerce (Workplace Relations)

ALFHILD TVERÅMO, Certified NLP Coach, Lean Specialist & Master of Commerce (Workplace Relations)

International Experience & Culture Shock
As a former Norwegian expatriate living abroad, and now a returned repatriate in Norway, I have a thorough understanding of the culture shock that most people experience when going abroad to live and work, and the reversed culture shock when they return back to their motherland. 

Facilitating Cultural Change and Adjustment
I have my international work experience from Australia, Sweden and Lithuania, and I have also travelled all over the world in my recreational time. These experiences have given me a great interest and passion for cultural differences. I really enjoy facilitating and contributing to a collaborative culture and cultural change within organizations. In addition, I love coaching and consulting expatriates in Norway, that want help with the adjustment process into a new and foreign culture.  

My vision for LUCEO’s clients corresponds with the meaning of the latin word ‘luceo’, which is: I become visible, I come through, I shine.
— Alfhild Tveråmo

My CV:
Focus on development & improvements

Since year 2000, I have worked in the private sector in various roles with focus on addressing challenges and opportunities, and develop, enhance and implement processes and systems in the most user-friendly way of interacting with the organization, including closely monitored, guidance and consultation of the involved managers and employees.

I have worked specifically with LEAN / continuous improvement and change management and LEAN leadership Development from 2008. In these years I have gained solid experience as Project Manager, Advisor/ Consultant, Coach, Instructor and Workshop facilitator.

My education
I am a certified NLP Coach from the Academy of Leadership Coaching & NLP in San Fransisco, with a Master of Commerce (Workplace Relations) from the University of Western Sydney and Cand. Mag. - Social Sciences (with psychology, anthropology and mechanical engineering from NTH) from the University of Oslo.